Man in blue suit holds tablet with technical background


Working group 1
Technology and Infrastructure


Benefits of joining the working group:


Access to insights, best practice and hands-on knowledge on product-level data sharing technologies.

Access to software to simplify development solutions for product-level sharing owned by the association.

Possibility to influence de-facto industry standards for PCF sharing.

Current status
  • Defined objectives and requirements for supply chain sharing focused on by ESTAINIUM in a position paper
  • Identified existing technologies and infrastructures for PCF sharing; ESTAINIUM joined IDunion SCE



  • Demonstrate interoperability of the identified sharing technologies and infrastructures in a pilot
  • Align with WG2 (data) and WG3 (compensation)



Activities to address the identified challenges
  • Define objectives and requirements for data sharing in supply chains
  • Research existing technologies and infrastructures for PCF sharing and compensation
  • Identify limitations of existing sharing technologies and infrastructures with respect to the defined requirements
  • And more ...



Target until mid 2023
  • Implement a PCF sharing pilot based on IDunion network and existing partner applications
  • Develop and publish architecture and building blocks for the ESTAINIUM supply chain sharing approach