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Working group 1
Technology and Infrastructure


Benefits of joining the working group:


Access to insights, best practice and hands-on knowledge on product-level data sharing technologies.

Access to software to simplify development solutions for product-level sharing owned by the association.

Possibility to influence de-facto industry standards for PCF sharing.


Exchanging PCF and further ESG data along the supply chain require

  • transparency
  • trustworthiness and
  • protection of confidential data



Targets 2024
  • Complete pilot implementation
  • Participate in Manufacturing-X
  • Research and develop a proof-of-concept for a carbon credit exchange; derive insight for using TSX approach also for offsetting
  • Assess alternative technologies to Hyperledger Indy: OpenId Connect, SD-JWT



Current status
  • Defined objectives and requirements for supply chain sharing in a position paper
  • Identified TSX method for PCF sharing based Joined IDunion SCE
  • Open-sourced extension to Hyperledger Indy for efficient implementation of TSX
  • Prepared donation of further extension to Hyperledger Indy SDK



  • Defined requirements and technologies for supply chain sharing in a position paper.
  • Selected a method for PCF sharing named Trusted Supply Chain Exchange (TSX) based on Verifiable Credentials and identified existing technologies for implementing TSX (DIDcom, Hyperledger Indy, OpenID Connect, SD-JWT, Eclipse Data Connector).
  • Identified an operating infrastructure for TSX, the IDunion network and subsequently joined the IDunion SCE as a member.
  • Open-sourced extension libraries to Hyperleder Indy SDK (Go language binding) for efficient use of TSX in LCA management applications and received a software donation with further extension libraries to Hyperledger Indy SDK (TSX boiler plate).
  • Conducted an interoperability testing pilot for TSX.