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Board of Directors

Dr.-Ing. Gunter Beitinger
Siemens/Amberg – Germany

Deputy Chairperson
Dr. rer. nat. Eberhard Niggemann
Weidmüller/Detmold – Germany

Dr. jur. Karen Möhlenkamp
WTS/Düsseldorf – Germany


Board Member
Rudolf Maier
Callirius/Frankfurt – Germany

Board Member
Ulrich Grauvogel
BISONFOREST/Wiesbaden – Germany



Project manager standardized PCF for Factory-X
Lucas Fochler
Nuremberg – Germany

ESTAINIUM Working Groups

Working group 1

Andreas Kind
WG Leader

Nurith Epstein


Working group 2

Florian Ansgar Jaeger
WG Leader

Johannes Wunderlich
Fallback + Subgroup Leader

Andrea Fuchs


Working group 3

Peter Ralph
WG Leader

Florian Hoffmann

Lorenzo Paolieri

Working group 4

Dr. Sabine Schulte-Beckhausen
WG Leader


Management Operation and Strategy


Technical Support

Andreas Drescher
Text & Bild GmbH

Yannick Riedel
Text & Bild GmbH