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Working group 2
Standards and Norms Compatibility


Benefits of joining the working group:


Influencing/contributing to the ESTAINIUM PCF exchange data model and embedded logic.

Identify gaps and get them fixed, proposing work items for ESTAINIUM activities or propose ESTAINIUM financed studies at scientific institutes for independent analysis and recommendations.

Full access to all transparency content, PCF initiative tracking (PACT, TFS, CX…) and their implications for you.

Current status
  • Gaps analyzed, focal areas defined
  • 4 Sub-workstreams lead by FAU (LCA knowledge transfer), TÜV-Süd (Assurance), 2x Siemens (PCF data model alignment & Standards knowledge map)
  • 1 Study with academia on how to define Primary Data Share to measure supply chain specificity



  • Scattered landscape of PCF/Offset Standards, PCRs, PSR
  • No transparency about compatibility data models & guidance's, existence (PSRs), auditability on scale



Activities to address the identified challenges
  • Data model alignment between PCF initiatives
  • Streamlining of PCF assurance/verification practices
  • Investigation of primary data share as quality indicator in PCF chaining
  • And more ...



Target until mid 2023
  • Compatibility: ESTAINIUM data model & translator between initiatives (PACT, TFS, CX…), organize convergence
  • Transparency: interactive overview of existing Standards, sector guidance/PCRs and PSRs and their relationshipsh