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Working group 4


Benefits of joining the working group:


Update on carbon regulation trends.

Forum to exchange experiences/ knowledge on regulatory issues.

Development of ESTAINIUM opinions on current regulatory challenges.

Establishment of ESTAINIUM experts as discussion partners for politics and science.

  • Defining regulatory issues that are relevant on an international scale
  • Identifying regulatory experts for presentations/talks
  • Create a clear picture on the system of existing regulation



Targets 2024
  • Topics and region prioritization
  • Create a carbon footprint activities overview of international regulations
  • Publication of regulatory news on the ESTAINIUM website
  • Guidance on basic regulatory rules for carbon removal, carbon capture and use



Current status
  • Well-founded information on carbon regulation is not readily available in public domains
  • Diverse picture on sustainability regulation, e.g. offsetting, CO2 reduction, financing and reporting