Trustworthy Supply Chain Exchange for Product Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is a systematic measure of the greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in creating a product. There are several standards for PCF accounting, but sharing the PCF in a verifiable manner is not standardized.

Current processes for PCF accounting rely on sharing digital documents that assert what is typically an estimated and static PCF.
In this publication presented at IEEE Conference for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet-of-Things 2023 we present the Trustworthy Supply chain eXchange (TSX) approach and compare different technologies that can be used to implement it. TSX helps manufacturers to compute dynamic PCFs of products and enables sharing PCFs with other stakeholders by technically solving the confidentiality concerns which led to estimated and static PCFs in the past. This is achieved with the use of the selective disclosure feature in the verifiable credential (VC) technology provided by the AnonCreds VCs.

Moreover, the PCF sharing is integrity protected and establishes the authenticity of the PCF data. The approach has the flexibility to be adopted for any standard of PCF accounting.

You can find the detailed document in our download area.


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