Our Whitepaper 2023 – Insights from the ESTAINIUM working groups

Our new whitepaper is online.
This will give you insights into the ESTAINIUM working groups.

‪The idea of ESTAINIUM as an open and independent association is to establish an ecosystem to ‪meet present and future challenges of product related decarbonization. Here, the ESTAINIUM members and working groups represent different roles in a future circular carbon economy.

‪The working group 1 is selecting and developing the basic technical infrastructure which is needed for the exchange of product related footprints.

‪The working group 2 is focused on simplifying the navigation in the increasingly complex ‪landscape of PCF standards, norms, and sector or product specific guidance.

The working group 3 is developing guidelines to integrate high quality carbon removal projects in ‪accounting mechanisms and product lifecycle management.

‪What ESTAINIUM members have reached within one year was only possible due to the company collaboration with a ‪high commitment to decarbonize products and contribute to a better and sustainable tomorrow.

The whitepaper with further information is available in our download area. Alternatively, you can also access it by clicking on this link.

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