Hannover Fair 2023: Catena-X & ESTAINIUM insights

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The Hanover Fair is getting closer and closer.
You can discover over 100 stage presentations and much more at the Hannover Fair 2023 from April 17 to 21. On April 19th, 03:00 pm you can get insights in the world of Catena-X and ESTAINIUM also streamed via Linkedin!

What is Catena-X? The Catena-X network will enable efficient and secure data exchange for the automotive industry. Based on a real use case, we show the path of a CO2 footprint through the value chain.  

What is ESTAINIUM? ESTAINIUM is a non-profit association that strives to converge and find agreement on sharing technology, data structures and processes for decarbonizing products among a global ecosystem of industry and academic partners. It aims to achieve interoperability between different PCF standards and reporting schemes as well as to develop a digital approach to connect carbon sink providers with manufacturers.

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