ESTAINIUM receives TSX Donation from Siemens

ESTAINIUM receives TSX Donation from Siemens
We are excited to announce that ESTAINIUM has received a significant contribution from Siemens: the Trustworthy Supply Chain Exchange (TSX) donation! This development marks a major milestone in our mission to enhance transparency and sustainability in supply chains worldwide.

What is TSX?
Trustworthy Supply Chain Exchange (TSX) is an innovative method for exchanging certified product-level information, such as CO2 emissions or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) properties, across supply chains. TSX addresses the critical requirements of transparency, confidentiality, and data control when sharing information among supply chain stakeholders.

Enhancing Supply Chain Coverage:
To achieve high supply chain coverage, it is crucial that all supply chain actors have easy access to the ESTAINIUM Network. The open-source TSX connector enables this by allowing every software provider to connect their solutions to ESTAINIUM or serve as a gateway for existing PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) management systems.

Open-Source Technology:
Open-source technology is at the heart of this initiative, offering connectivity tailored to the specific needs of all supply chain actors. The ESTAINIUM association ensures independent governance and provides access to the complete open-source technology stack, promoting widespread adoption and seamless integration across various platforms.

A big thank you to Siemens for their generous support! Together with all our members, we are driving forward the future of sustainable and transparent supply chains.

For more information about the ESTAINIUM Network, TSX and our initiatives, get in touch with us.



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