ESTAINIUM has a new member – Welcome Carbonfuture

We are very happy to welcome our newest member, Carbonfuture.

Carbonfuture is the Trust Infrastructure for durable CO2 removal. Today, Carbonfuture is the world’s leading provider of high-integrity, durable carbon removal.
Their products, Carbonfuture MRV+ and Carbonfuture Marketplace, play a pivotal role in supporting CDR suppliers in converting their CO2 removal projects into independently certified carbon removal credits while offering businesses access to high-quality CO2 removal projects through the Carbonfuture Marketplace.
With data-driven transparency, Carbonfuture provides clear visibility into every stage of the carbon removal process.

This expertise is trusted by leading climate advocates such as Microsoft, Swiss Re, and the World Economic Forum First Movers Coalition.

You want to learn more about the company?
The following link will take you to their website.


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