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One year ago,19.04.2022 16 companies founded the non-profit ESTAINIUM Association as an open and independent carbon offset network.

The idea of ESTAINIUM as an association is to build a global #ecosystem of business and science to actively address current and future challenges of product-based #decarbonization. ESTAINIUM members represent diverse roles in the future circular #carbon economy.

In this context, ESTAINIUM’ S vision is to establish a pathway from CO2 #emission to CO2 #sink along multi-stage production networks. In this way, a direct link between economic activities, climate-damaging impacts as well as compensation measures is created. The focus is on calculating, sharing, reducing and offsetting carbon footprints along the supply chain through decentralized trust technology and sovereign #data management.

What we have achieved so far at ESTAINIUM has only been possible through a high level of commitment from all members to build an increasingly better understanding on the topic of decarbonization, develop products in a CO2-neutral way and contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

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