ESTAINIUM Collaborates with World Economic Forum on Groundbreaking White Paper to Tackle Scope 3 Emissions

The global push towards achieving net-zero emissions has taken a significant leap forward with the launch of the World Economic Forum's Industry Net Zero Accelerator Initiative's latest white paper. Titled, "The 'No-Excuse' Opportunities to Tackle Scope 3 Emissions in Manufacturing and Value Chains", the paper is a collaborative effort between ESTAINIUM and key industry partners.

Key Takeaways:
The white paper emphasizes the urgency for industries to address Scope 3 emissions, which account for over 70% of global industrial greenhouse gas emissions. A recent survey by the Science Based Targets initiative revealed a critical gap, with 50% of companies falling off track in achieving their Scope 3 targets. To achieve Net Zero by 2050 or sooner, transformative changes are essential across products and business models.

Transformative Changes Unveiled:
The paper, co-developed with esteemed partners such as Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy, Capgemini, Rockwell Automation, and Siemens, unveils 12 actionable opportunities and best practices for rapid decarbonization. Tackling Scope 3 emissions requires leveraging emerging technologies and forming new partnerships. The collaboration aims to drive the adoption of these transformative changes across industries.

Join the Movement:
The initiative encourages a "can-do" mentality within industrial actors, urging private- and public-sector leaders to take decisive action. The paper is designed to inspire and motivate leaders to play an active role in the net-zero transformation of global value chains, leaving "no excuses" behind.

White paper at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Website


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