Members Meeting 2023

On this page you will find the agenda and important information for the Members meeting in November 2023.

Our meeting will take place on November 7th and 8th, 2023 in Fürth (Germany) at Siemens AG (Breslauer Str. 5, 90766 Fürth). We invite you to attend our in-person meeting to take the association to the next level, dive deeper in the current topics, spend some time together and network.
Please note that you will need to show your passport (identity card) at the Siemens entrance to get in.



  • You can park in the guest parking space ("P Gäste") and the main parking garage (N).
  • There are also some electric parking spaces at Siemens available.
  • Important: If you want to park at Siemens, you have to check in at the main entrance first.

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  • The dinner will take place at “La Scala Fürth“ (Würzburger Str. 2/2, 90762 Fürth).
  • The restaurant is only 5 minutes by foot from the hotel (Holiday Inn Express Fürth).



Day 1 – 07.11.2023

 08.30  Main Stage  Welcome Breakfast (Optional)
 09.30  Main Stage  Welcome & Agenda
   Main Stage  Association development
   Main Stage  – Members development
   Main Stage  – Intro new members
   Main Stage  – Status support functions
   Main Stage  – Further cooperations
   Coffee Corner  Coffee Break
   Green Lounge  Group Picture
   Main Stage  Working Groups update
 12.45  Coffee Corner  Lunch
 13.45  Main Stage  Communications
   Main Stage
 Workshop: ESTAINIUM Narrative with communication agency Goodthoughts
   Coffee Corner  Coffee Break
   Main Stage  Guest speaker
 17.00  Main Stage  Wrap-up of the day
 19.00  ––  Dinner


Day 2 – 08.11.2023

 08.00  Coffee Corner  Welcome Coffee (Optional)
 08.30  Main Stage  Welcome & Agenda
   Main Stage  Status Tech-Stack
   Main Stage  Workshop: Working group reflection session
   Main Stage  Status reports
   Main Stage  – Manufacturing-X | Factory-X
   Main Stage  – Manufacturing-X | UNIBAS
   Main Stage  – World Economic Forum update
   Coffee Corner  Coffee Break
   Main Stage  Intro Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
 11.30 (est.  end)  Main Stage  Wrap-up of the member meeting & next steps
 11.30  Coffee Corner  Factory Tour (Optional)
   Green Lounge  Member Interviews (Prealigned with members)
 13.00  Canteen  Lunch (Optional)