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This glossary is a list of abbreviations and their meanings to help you understanding contents and their interrelationships.
On this page you will find important acronyms and their explanations in relation to ESTAINIUM.


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Application Programming Interface

A set of commands, functions, protocols and objects that programmers can use to create software or interact with an external system.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The instrument to put a fair price on carbon emissions from the production of carbon-intensive goods imported into the EU and to promote cleaner industrial production in non-EU countries.

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage & Carbon

The separation of carbon dioxide, especially from combustion exhaust gases, and its usage in further chemical processes.

Carbon Dioxide Removal

Human activities capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it durably in geological, land or ocean reservoirs, or in products.

Carbon dioxide

A chemical compound of carbon and oxygen.

Customer Experience

The total of all the impressions that a customer receives from a company during the entire duration of a customer relationship.

Eclipse Data Space Connector

A set of components to build data spaces.

Environmental Product Declaration

The EPD presents quantified environmental information from the lifetime of a product or service to enable comparisons between products or services with the same function.

Environmental, social and corporate governance

A framework that should be embedded in an organization's strategy and consider the needs and ways to create value for all stakeholders in the organization.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

This protocol provides standards and tools that countries and cities can track their progress toward climate goals.

International Data Spaces Standard

An initiative to develop a European standard for independent and monitored data exchange.

International Material Data System

It is a globally standardized exchange and management system for material data in the automotive industry.

Internet of Things

Collective term for technologies of a global infrastructure of information societies.

International Organization for Standardization

The international association of standardizing organizations and develops international standards in all areas except electrical and electronics.

Life-cycle assessment

This is a systematic analysis of the potential environmental impacts and the energy balance of products throughout their life cycle.

Non-Governmental Organisations

Independent, non-governmental and in most cases internationally oriented organizations that do not aim to generate profit.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

An OEM is a manufacturer of components or products that he does not retail himself.

Partnership for Carbon Transparency

The goal of this partnership is to accelerate decarbonization by creating transparency about emissions in the value chain.

Product Carbon Footprint

The balance of greenhouse gas emissions over the entire life cycle of a product in a specific application and in relation to a defined unit of benefit.

Product Carbon Footprint Chaining

Distributed assessment approach for aggregating PCFs with supplier-specific data along the supply chain.

Product Category Rule

These rules provide the basic and general rules for the preparation of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Product Specific Rules

Rules which specify that the materials have had a change in tariff classification or have undergone specified processing or working.

Combination of the word Siemens and Green

An emissions management tool that connects companies with their suppliers. For data-driven decisions that reduce a product's footprint and accelerate decarbonization.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Collective term for companies that do not cross defined limits in terms of number of employees, sales revenue or balance sheet total.

Technology Stack

A set of software components that are built on top of each other and form a platform together.

Together for Sustainability

This initiative focuses on promoting sustainability practices in the chemical industry supply chain.

Trustworthy SupplyChain Exchange

This is a method for exchanging certified information in supply chains at the product level.

World Wide Web Consortium

The committee for standardization of techniques on the World Wide Web.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

An organization that deals exclusively with the topic of "Business and sustainable development".

Working group

A group that works together on a topic.