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Latest presentation (06/2024)


Driving industrial decarbonization holistically in a pre-competitive, cross-industrial, cross-functional ecosystem that includes academia, SME and large corporations alike …

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Articles of Association


Sustainable conduct has gained enormous importance, in particular because of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ...

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Membership fee (04/2023)

Our current annual membership fees, as of April 2023.

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ESTAINIUM Publications

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Whitepaper (04/2023)

Time to act - Insights from the ESTAINIUM working groups.

This white paper provides a great overview of the time to act and give an overview of the three working groups Technology and infrastructure, Standards and Norms Compatibility and Carbon Capture, Use, Storage & Compensation.

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行動を起こす時 - ESTAINIUMワーキンググループからの洞察。


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Mission Statement (12/2022)

Design of an “Holistic Emission-to-Sink Approach” to Decarbonize the Industrial Supply Chain

Collaboration to solve shared data challenges on carbon footprint along the supply chain through decentralized trust technology and self-sovereign data management.

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Other Publications

SiGREEN Paper for IEEE AIBThings conference​ (01/2024)

Trustworthy Supply Chain Exchange for Product Carbon Footprint

This paper contains interesting information on the Trustworthy Supply Chain Exchange (TSX) for Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) and their interrelationships.

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World Economic Forum White Paper​ (12/2023)

The 'No-Excuse' Opportunities to Tackle Scope 3 Emissions in Manufacturing and Value Chains

The paper unveils 12 opportunities and best practices for businesses and governments to accelerate their Scope 3 decarbonization journey.

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World Economic Forum White Paper​ (01/2023)

The “No-Excuse” Framework to Accelerate the Path to Net-Zero Manufacturing and Value Chains

An action framework to structure the conversation on how to get to net zero operations and supply chain. Concrete case studies from leading companies in the field, such as Estainium​.

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