Glassy sphere with CO2 lettering lies in the ground


Working group 3
Carbon Capture, Use, Storage & Compensation


Benefits of joining the working group:


Establish how a sector/industry will fast-track decarbonisation using this technology.

Access to a broad network of cross-industry and cross-disciplinary experts, fast and trustful exchange of ideas and best practices, including the World Economic Forum.

Support for own projects, communication via a growing and strong industry platform.

Current status
  • Cross-industry and cross-disciplinary exchange on carbon capture, use, storage and compensation best practices. Constructive exchange between science and practice
  • Clarity, guidance, and communication on concepts, summary in a WG 3 white paper

  • Working result: Carbon Sink Matrix



  • Attracting potential new partners and industries (e.g. Building and Construction, Financial Services)
  • More feedbacks from industry partners and value-chain suppliers on our current work
  • Find a solution for the time dimension of CCUS&C measures (develop categories)
  • Identify and share measures that are as quick and easy to implement as possible



Activities to address the identified challenges
  • To generally design quality criteria for offsetting processes, we incorporate best practices
  • We enter discussion with politics to support a regulatory framework which incentives high-
    quality projects.
  • And more ...



Target until mid 2023
  • Development of a few case studies of Estainium WG3 (carbon sinks) as a template for PCF exchange
  • Derivation of first rules and requirements for a holistic marketplace
  • Risk Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis of carbon sequestration technologies
  • Enter into discussion with politics to support a regulatory framework which incentives projects