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ESTAINIUM was founded in April of 2022 with 15 members. Industrial supply chains are a major contributor to global warming. This will cause great damage to our planet in the long term. We have recognized that we all face a common problem that cannot be solved alone. This is the reason for the foundation of ESTAINIUM.


Big picture

ESTAINIUM envisions a world where climate-positive supply chains are the norm. We aim to support sustainable supply chains for a prosperous future and economic growth. We aspire to be a catalyst for change, driving a paradigm shift in how organizations convert their environmental impact into positivity. By promoting transparency, measurability, and collaboration, we aim to create a global network of large, small, and medium companies, start-ups, academic, international, and national organizations of all sectors and industries working together to achieve climate positivity together and in harmony. Our vision 2030 is to be a global frontrunner of trust, credibility, and innovation in the pursuit of a carbon-dioxide (CHG) neutral world.


Our contribution

At ESTAINIUM, our mission is to lead a global movement towards climate-positive supply chains by fostering transparency, collaboration, and innovation. We empower organizations to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon dioxide (CHG) footprints throughout the entire product lifecycle and beyond. Through the creation of a trusted ecosystem, we facilitate the exchange of verified environmental data, promote sustainable decision-making, and support ESG requirements, laying the foundation for a resilient and responsible future from cradle to cradle.

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Trust is the core of our values. We utilize cryptographic methods to ensure secure and decentralized data exchange, building trust among our members and stakeholders.


We believe in the power of open and honest communication, providing a clear view of environmental data to drive informed decision-making.


We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment, bringing together diverse stakeholders to work towards common goals and share professional perspectives.

Technology & Innovation

We embrace innovation as a key driver for positive change, encouraging the development and adoption of new technologies and practices to reduce product carbon footprints.


We uphold the highest standards of credibility in evaluating carbon sinks and offsetting options, ensuring the integrity of our mission and the impact of our actions.


We are committed promoting sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet and a better quality of life for current and future generations.


Strategic goals

Strategic Goals of ESTAINIUM

Engage trustful and Pre-Competitive Cooperation
Encourage collaboration among diverse members, industries, scientific communities, and governmental and non-governmental organizations to develop common solutions for climate positivity.

Establish a Trustworthy Ecosystem
Develop and maintain a trusted ecosystem that facilitates the secure exchange of environmental data, fostering collaboration and transparency.

Promote Measurability and Comparability
Create transparency of different standards and norms to enable our members to measure their own emissions and compare with other organizations, sectors on a product level.

Advance Cryptographic Methods
Invest in research and development to enhance cryptographic methods for secure and decentralized data exchange without compromising sensitive information.

Support Sustainable Decision-Making
Provide tools and resources to support organizations in making sustainable decisions, reducing their carbon footprints, and achieving climate positivity.

Educate and Advocate
Act as a thought leader, engaging in educational initiatives and advocating for policies that promote climate positivity and environmental responsibility.