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The challenge

The world is heating up more and more. This will cause huge long-term damage to our planet. An important part that is involved here are the industrial supply chains. Their contribution to global warming must be avoided as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement. And this is where ESTAINIUM comes into play ...

Big picture

ESTAINIUM envisions a world where climate-positive supply chains are the norm. We aim to drive sustainable supply chains for a prosperous future and economic growth. By promoting transparency, measurability, and collaboration, we aim to create a global network of diverse entities working together to achieve climate positivity. Our 2030 vision is to be a global leader in trust, credibility, and innovation for a carbon-neutral world.



Our contribution

ESTAINIUM leads a global movement for climate-positive supply chains, promoting transparency, collaboration, and innovation. We empower organizations to understand, reduce, and offset carbon footprints, fostering a trusted ecosystem for verified environmental data and sustainable decision-making, supporting a resilient and responsible future.


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The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals are a call to all countries to take action to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. For this purpose, there are 17 fixed Sustainability Goals. These goals are all interconnected, and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve them all in the near future. They therefore address the global challenges we face.

The goals of ESTAINIUM therefore helps to archieve the following five UN Goals: